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matt nemer


Matt Nemer

If news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and CNBC come to you for your expertise, then you know you’re on to something…

That ‘something’ has been a lot of things in the career of Matt Nemer, the least of which not being his coverage as a sell-side analyst of Amazon in 2007 where he predicted the massive change it would bring to traditional shopping and brick and mortar stores on a global scale. Matt was also the only US-based analyst to cover brick and mortar retail with pure-play, ecommerce companies, video commerce companies, and global marketplaces.

A graduate from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Economics, Matt’s career has taken him from the sales/trading department at Montgomery Securities on Wall Street to the boardrooms of the biggest bank in the world where he worked as the Managing Director of Equity Research for Wells Fargo Securities. During his time at Well Fargo, Matt was ranked in the top 5 (out of 60) in the department for all seven years of his stay. In this role, he was responsible for creating proprietary research techniques to improve revenue forecasting and managed/mentored a global team of 6 professionals.

Now, Matt Nemer has brought his experience to PlushCare, where he serves as the CFO. PlushCare is a telemedicine platform that allows patients to book appointments from anywhere, 24/7. They will have access to a doctor with an average of 15 years of experience who attended a top-50 medical institution. The doctor can diagnose them virtually and prescribe any treatment. PlushCare also accepts most insurance, meaning it is an affordable alternative to visiting a physician in person. 

Before working at PlushCare, Matt served as the Senior Strategist at Hims Inc., the world’s fastest growing digital native brand. Hims, Inc. is a men’s wellness brand helping men across the country get access to the best that science has to offer. Matt Nemer served there for 15 months as an executive and the first finance employee. He was responsible for managing all the aspects of the group’s financial strategy, as well as working on other key projects. 

Matt Nemer has also worked as the Managing Director of Equity Research for Thomas Weisel Partners where he was the youngest research analyst to make Managing Director and as a Senior Advisor for CompCap LLC, the only M&A advisory firm solely focused on digital commerce and the ecosystem surrounding it. It was in this position that he honed his skills on advising digital native vertical brands. In addition, his 20 years on Wall Street working with consumer growth companies and his expertise as an analyst has landed him as a keynote speaker for events such as Google Think Retail conferences.

In his spare time, Matt is the Managing Member of Ross Provisions LLC in Marin County, California. Ross is a retail store & lab designed to invent and test merchandising strategies, healthy products, and product packaging. Here, he tinkers with retail technology and donates the profits to the local public school. Outside of work, Matt Nemer also enjoys playing tennis, skiing, hiking, and spending time with his family.