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You will often find that in DTC brands aren’t as in your face when it comes to sales and discounts. With DTC brands quality products at great prices are offered during all times of the year. Although this may be the truth, it doesn’t mean that DTC brands can’t jump on the holiday marketing campaign bandwagon. If you want you to want to stand out against big retailers and their holiday campaigns, here are three major insights to ensure you have the best DTC holiday marketing campaigns of all time.

Introduce Limited-Edition Holiday Products

Although sales are enticing they aren’t everything. During the holiday season, limited-edition products are available for sale for a few weeks and then they are gone for good. Glossier, a DTC cosmetics brand, releases limited-edition makeup sets every holiday season and customers are quick to pick them up. Throughout the season there will be a variety of sales, but limited-edition holiday products give customers an excuse to buy before they sell out.

Tis the Season for Giving

It can be easy to lose sight of what the season is about when you are bombarded with holiday marketing campaigns. This year, make the focus of your holiday campaign less about selling and more about giving. In the past, there have been a few DTC brands that have embraced the giving aspect. A year or two back, with every mattress sold over the weekend of Black Friday, notable mattress brand Casper, donated a set of sheets to the American Red Cross.

Embrace Your Brand’s Message

DTC companies are popular with the masses because they are more than just the products they sell. A lot of DTC brands aim for a bigger picture, whether that means committing to sustainable products, selling high-quality goods at an affordable price point, or giving back to the community. Regardless of how you decide to run your holiday marketing campaign, don’t lose sight of your brand’s message.

Looking at the DTC shoe brand, Allbirds, their promise is simple— to create footwear that is comfortable, stylish, and environmentally friendly. During the holidays, the brand’s promotion, Scrap the Wrap,  stayed true to the brand’s message. Instead of using wrapping paper, Allbirds encouraged their customer base to be more thoughtful with their gift presentations. The company created a hashtag and customers shared their ideas to social media. Allbirds turned their commitment to being environmentally conscious into a full-fledged marketing campaign. No matter what holiday campaign you decide to pursue, be sure that your message is able to shine through loud and clear.